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One, or occasionally two, chapters are linked to Jewish book titles, with an extra page from the chapter following often included as well. (All this, in accordance with each publisher's approval)
book beginnings are always used for novels, the story sample is not always the first in the story collection.

Sample chapters and stories presented, mostly, in text format to shorten time waiting for stories and samples to come up.

The Jewish book categories overlap a great deal. For example, the book, Far From a Place Called Home, is middle grade in readability, yet its serious content made us place it among Jewish books for young people in older grades. It is also for this reason, that some books were placed in two categories.

We hope to add one or two books a week.?


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Outside/Inside - by Gila Manohlson
Targum Press)

A book about the inward dimensions of modest dress and behavior.
From the book: "Tzniut is seeing yourself in a different light. It is for both men and women. And its purpose is to transform your life by connecting you to your deepest self."

Harmony with Others - by Zelig Pliskin
(Shaar Press
Distributed by
Mesorah Publications)

Head to Heart - by Gila Manohlson
Targum Press) Head to Heart offers practical and philosophical advice about preparing for dating and marriage. (from the preface)

Talking Tachlis - A Singles Strategy for marriage - by Rosie Einhorn and Sherry S Zimmerman
(Targum Press)
A thoughtful and practical guide to an increasing pressing issue facing Jews today, the problem of growing numbers of singles.This book is designed to help single, Orthodox men and women learn more about themselves, formulate long-lasting goals and ambitions based on their inner needs, and use this new understanding of themselves to determine what truly important qualities their future spouse should possess. We hope it will enable each reader to develop skills to make his or her own dating process easier and more likely to result in success. (from the book)
They Called Me Frau Anna - Holocaust Diary by
Chana Marcus Banet
(CIS publishers)
The moving memoir of a valiant woman who wandered through war-ravaged Europe with her two small children until she found refuge as a housekeeper.

An Onion for the Doctor and Other Stories by
Sudy Rosengarten
Jerusalem Publications
Distributed by Feldheim
A collection of stories, many related to growing up frum in America in the first half of the twentieth century. The last story (a full length book in itself) is a Holocaust diary (as told to the author). There are also some stories related to life in Europe and life in the Land of Israel. Some stories are sad, and some don't seem to have an ending. Almost all seem to be autobiographical stories of the author and her family. Some stories? weigh a person down, while others are really heartwarming. The last story in the book - An Onion for the Doctor - is really a book in itself. It is the true story of a child who lived through World War II. It is a story for older children as well as teenagers and adults. Although there is much pain in the story, there is also much that is inspiring.


Tales Out of Shul - by Rabbi Emanuel Feldman
Shaar Press - order from Israel Book Shop

Provocative,? funny, moving, revealing - this book will make you laugh and cry as it takes you behind the scene of one of Jewish life's most hectic, frustrating, and satisfying jobs.
(adapted from the inside flap)

The Shul Without a Clock by
Rabbi Emanuel Feldman
(Feldheim Pub.)
Thought provoking, inspiring, profound and touching this book evokes both laughter and tears as it takes you on a grand tour of today's fascinating and bewildering Jewish life.
(adapted from the inside flap)

Fingerprints on the Universe - Searching for belief and meaning in today's turbulent world.
by Louise Pollak
(Shaar Press)
Distributed by
Mesorah Publications)

Jewish Teen Books has some Jewish books that are interesting to adults as well as teens. For example - the book - Reb Yosselman of Rosheim, a historical story, the novel - A Time to Rend and a Time to Sew. and the book Miracle Ride - a true story of illness, faith, humor - and triumph.


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