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One, or occasionally two, chapters are linked to Jewish book titles, with an extra page from the chapter following often included as well. (All this, in accordance with each publisher's approval)
book beginnings are always used for novels, the story sample is not always the first in the story collection.

Sample chapters and stories presented, mostly, in text format to shorten time waiting for stories and samples to come up.

The Jewish book categories overlap a great deal. For example, the book, Far From a Place Called Home, is middle grade in readability, yet its serious content made us place it among Jewish books for young people in older grades. It is also for this reason, that some books were placed in two categories.

We hope to add books regularly. 

We welcome
book reviews of featured books.
Negative comments about books are welcome but should be phrased in a respectful manner.

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Family for a While by Miriam Kosman
(CIS pub.)
help develop sensitivity in children

Far From A Place We Call Home by Sarah M. Shleimer
(Feldheim Pub.)

A Problem Called Chavie by Eva Vogiel
(Feldheim Publishers)

A Dozen Good Reasons by Sarah M. Shleimer
(Feldheim Pub.)

On A Golden Chain by Ruth Benjamin
(CIS Pub.)
a mystery, yet with much emotion
Life for the Wilsons, a Presbyterian family living in a small English town is picture perfect. But when her young son receives a toy train as a gift, Dorothy Wilson reacts with strange agitation.

Music of the Soul by Ruth Benjamin
(Targum Press)

Locked in Time - by M.C. Millman
(Judaica Press)
Suspenseful mystery

Forever and a Day - by Libby Lazenwik
(Targum Press)

I Can Call You Ima
by Leah Fried
(Moznaim Publishing)
There is much stress and many difficulties for people in step families. This is a sensitive book which can give support to children growing up in step families.

Where is Shimmele? by Leah Fried
(Moznaim Publishing)
A gripping adventure story about an orphaned boy who survived the Holocaust and the determined battle for his soul in the early years of the State of Israel.
The writing style is simple - for fourth, fifth, sixth graders, but the subject is serious and more appropriate for teenagers.

Avraham ben Avraham -
By Selig Schachnowitz
(Feldheim Pub.)
Historical novel based on the true story of a righteous convert Count Pototzki.

Heir to the Throne - by Shmuel Rothstein (CIS Pub.)  
Historical novel based on a true story.

The Fateful Mission - by Meir Baram
(Feldheim Pub.)
Historical novel. Children learn the flavor of Jewish life in the middle ages.

The Parnas - by Meir Baram
(Feldheim Pub.)
Historical novel taking place during a tragic time in the middle ages.
(There was a question as to whether to include this book, since it depicts such a tragic time.
It was included, nevertheless, because it is a good book (kids' review) and it is important for young people to have knowledge of Jewish history.)

The Promised Child by Avner Gold
(CIS Pub.) Historical novel. Book is rich in true historic material.
Older children and even teenagers find this book and the series of historic novels by CIS publishers exciting.

A Time to Live by Chana Stavsky Rubin
(CIS Pub.)

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