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One, two, or three chapters are linked to book titles, with an extra page from the chapter following often included as well. (All this, in accordance with each publisher's approval)
book beginnings are always used for novels,
the story sample is not always the first in the story collection.

Sample chapters and stories presented, mostly, in text format to shorten time waiting for stories and samples to come up.

The Jewish book categories overlap a great deal. For example, the book, Far From a Place Called Home, is middle grade in readability, yet its serious content made us place it among Jewish books for young people in older grades. It is also for this reason, that some books were placed in two categories.

We hope to add books regularly. 

*new books added since Sivan - June.

Top of column has books added recently.

*Miracle Ride - A true story of illness, faith, humor - and triumph
Tzipi Caton
(Shaar Press) (distributed by Mesorah Pub)
For 16-year-old Tzipi Caton, eleventh grade meant tests, friends, homework, and play tryouts. Then, suddenly, it meant cancer.
Miracle Ride is Tzipi's journal. Join Tzipi for the Miracle Ride she took, from diagnosis through treatment, and to the final fairytale ending. It's a journey you will never forget. What began as a therapeutic exercise that allowed her to vent with pen and paper, turned into an insightful description of her journey through a twisted, uncharted tunnel full of obstacles and detours. A true story of illness, faith, humor - and triumph.

*Behind the Walls
Miriam Cohen
Together with the rest of Europe's Jews, Chanah's comfortable life is harshly disrupted. Without prior warning, the eleven-year-old finds herself in a gentile woman's dank cellar, and after that, behind the foreboding walls of a Christian convent.
This is a book of spiritual heroism, a story of a young girl's stark determination and unwavering faith in her Creator.

The Other Side of the Story - True stories inspiring us to follow the teaching of our Sages, "Judge every person in the scale of merit?"

A Time to Rend and a Time to Sew by Rochel Pomerantz
(Feldheim) A novel.  Two worlds - the world of career, prestige and money and another world - where there is something deeper and more meaningful in life.
" Most of the anecdotes actually occurred to people known
to me (the author) personally. The characters, however, are all fictional." (from the book)

Forever and a Day
by Libby Lazewnik
(Targum Press)
A novel.
Libby Lazewnik's long-awaited new novel,
introduces us to a lovely family facing the gravest test of all. It is
the stirring tale of difficult challenges overcome by a compelling
combination of determination, faith, and love. Most of all, it is
the story of Lana, her courage, her fears, and her triumph.
(excerpted from the book)

In Full Bloom - a novel - by Shoshana Schwartz
(Feldheim pub.)

Orphaned in childhood, Gail is raised by relatives who cannot understand her interest in Jewish observance and Jewish life.
Gail's story is also the story of three generations whose lives reflect the turbulence of Jewish history.  Ultimately it is the story of Divine Providence in our lives.
(excerpted from the back cover)


Legacy of Gold
by Raphael Sackville
(Targum Press)
Many of the events that take place in Legacy of Gold are historically accurate. Faced with a shortage of space
in her penitentiaries early in the nineteenth century,
England converted the newly discovered land of
Australia into one large prison. Among the countless thousands sent out by ship were numerous Jewish unfortunates, some of them falsely accused, others convicted of crimes such as stealing a loaf of bread to feed a starving family....
(excerpted from the book)
This book is of greater interest to boys than to girls.

Heir to the Throne - by Shmuel Rothstein (CIS Pub.)  
Heir to the Throne is a translation of a
Yiddish-language book published in Poland
in the early part of the century. It is based on
an historical event mentioned in sefarim (Jewish books),
around which the author has constructed a
dramatized account to bring the story to life.
(from the books)

Where is Shimmele? by Leah Fried
(Moznaim Publishing)
A gripping adventure story about an orphaned boy who survived the Holocaust and the determined battle for his soul in the early years of the State of Israel.
The writing style is simple - for fourth or fifth graders, but the subject is serious and more appropriate for teenagers and adults.

The House on Kyverdale Road by Chaiky Halpern
It was an old-fashioned silver brooch
of unique design, a family heirloom
bearing the name "Yehudis" in Hebrew
lettering  a gift from Judy's great-
uncle Martin. He was also kind enough
to offer his unoccupied property on
Kyverdale Road as a home-base for her
research on inner-city life. For Judy
Marks, who cannot even read the in-
scription, the brooch at first seems a
meaningless relic. But from the mo-
ment she enters the dilapidated house
and finds herself inexplicably drawn to
the family next door ......(excerpted from the book)

Rabbi Yoselman of Rosheim - by Rabbi Marcus Lehman
(Feldheim Publishers)
Historical story from the time of the middle ages. Translated from the German language.
Rabbi Markus Lehman lived about one hundred and fifty years ago in Germany. His knowledge of history, both Jewish history and world history is impressive. His writing style is interesting and dramatic
. Still, criticism can be made of a fault in his writing which he surely picked up from the German environment in which he lived. This is the habit of typing people, too often in accordance with external appearance.

Music of the Soul by Ruth Benjamin
(Targum Press)
y Ruth Benjamin
The Banker's Trust
by Eli Shekhter
Israel Book Shop -

A mystery and suspense novel.

The Gordian Knot
by Yair Weinstock
Shaar Press
Distributed by Mesorah Publications
A suspense novel.
Five generations entangled in mystery.

The Road Home
by Aviva Cytryn
(Targum Press) A novel. A poignant and beautifully written novel of choices and challenges, of a girl coming of age under the clouds of war - and with the promise of a wonderful new life in store for her. (from the back cover)

The Square Peg
by David Sussman
(Targum Press)
A suspense, mystery novel.

The hole is round.
The peg is square.
It's just not going to fit.
George Nachman knows exactly what he wants for his son, Jonathan. The brilliant boy will get an excellent education at a prestigious school and go on to a successful career. He'll be respected, he'll be powerful, and, most important of all, he'll be rich.
Jonathan Nachman doesn't know what he wants for himself. But he does know that his father's dream of material success has nothing to do with him.

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