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One, or occasionally two, chapters are linked to Jewish book titles, with an extra page from the chapter following often included as well. (All this, in accordance with each publisher's approval)
book beginnings are always used for novels,
the story sample is not always the first in the story collection.

Sample chapters and stories presented, mostly, in text format to shorten time waiting for stories and samples to come up.

The Jewish book categories overlap a great deal. For example, the book, Far From a Place Called Home, is middle grade in readability, yet its serious content made us place it among Jewish books for young people in older grades. It is also for this reason, that some books were placed in two categories.

We hope to add books regularly. 

Kids Speak
series by Chaim Walder
(Feldheim Pub.)

Helps a child feel another person's feelings.  Children (9,10,11 year olds) love this series.

More Kids Speak

Kid Speak 3

Kids Speak 4

Kid Sisters - Growing Up
by Esther Sutton
(Targum Press)
The Kid Sister series is really for children in younger grades. Second through fourth grade children find them easy to read and enjoyable.

The Cresta Adventure by Ruth Abramson
(Feldheim Pub.)

This is a mystery/suspense young children's book. Third and fourth graders who don't like to read will enjoy it and improve their reading from it. Even older children (even early teenagers) with reading disabilities, will find the reading easy, yet suspenseful enough to keep them interested. (Just let them know, that after the slow beginning, it becomes very suspenseful.) It can help them 'break through' in learning to read and enjoying to read.

The Thank You Note - collection of short stories by Libby Lazewnik
(Targum Press)

Bittersweet Beginnings by Hedy and Devorah E. Fleishmann
(CIS Pub.)  

One Good Turn by Sarah M. Shleimer
(Feldheim Pub.)

Invisible Chains by Eva Vogiel
Judaica Press

Conquer the Darkness by Estie Stavsky Florans
Mesorah Publications


The Complete Story of Tishrei
The month of the High Holy Days - Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and the Sacred Festivals, Succos, Shmini Atzeres and Simchas Torah
by Nissan Mindel
(Merkos/Kehos pub.)

A colorful and
well-balanced presentation
of all the aspects
of the festivals of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Succos, Shmini Atzeres and Simchas Torah; including historical, liturgical and ritual; and liberally interspersed with popular stories and parables.

The Storyteller
a beloved colection of stories in five volumes.
Five volume Jewish story collection for children in middle grades by Nissen Mindel (Merkos/Kehos pub.)
The Storyteller Vol.1(sample not available presently)
The Storyteller series is interesting for all ages, adults as well as children. The author writes in a style that is easy to read, yet it is not strictly a 'children's' style but an ageless style that all can enjoy.
The stories were gathered mainly from old Yiddish and Hebrew books, collections of stories from the previous centuries. Most of these stories have a true core.
There are a number of stories of WWII and stories from behind the iron curtain. Each of these were told to the author by those who lived through them. These stories are all true.  

The Storyteller (vol.2)
featured sample story relates the origin of the sacred Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur prayer of Unesaneh Tokef.

The Storyteller (vol.3)-

 The Storyteller (vol.4)

The Storyteller (vol.5.)

For many more online stories from The Storyteller, link to, a children's club with information about the holidays, stories, story tapes, and picture books online.

Faithful Soldiers
by R.L. Leader
(Targum Press)
This is an absorbing and inspiring tale of Jewish heroism against impossible odds.

Mind Your Own Business by M.G. Millman
(CIS Pub.)
very entertaining, yet with a lesson

The Missing
Bar- Mitzvah Gift

by Eliezer Gevirtz
(Feldheim Publishers)
A group of immature boys, impressed by materialism, learn about values. The book is fun to read.

That's Me Tzviki Green
by Chaim Walder
(Feldheim Publishers)
Another book by Chaim Walder. In kids ratings - a great book.

I Can Call You Ima
by Leah Fried
(Moznaim Publishing)
There is much stress and many difficulties for people in step families. This is a sensitive book which can give support to children growing up in step families.

A Light for Greytowers by Eva Vogiel and Ruth Steinberg (Feldheim Pub.)
This novel is about a young  girl who struggles to hold on to Yiddishkeit in a Victorian orphanage in England.

Children love this book, saying that it is one of the best and that they read it many times.

The Buried Treasure - by Miriam Goodman
A short story about children on a kibbutz having fun at a scavenger hunt.

The Secret of the Seashell (ages 9-11) by Chaiky Halpern.
Mesorah Publications
Easy to read, encourages a
child to work on changing a negative attitude.

Here and There, Stories for a Shabbos Afternoon (9-11) by Chaiky Halpern. (Feldheim Pub.)
Simple and easy to read. Includes some sensitive stories depicting life in the holy land in the last century.

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