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I burst into tears.

Then, before I asked Galia anything, and even before I had
taken the question sheet I had written from my bag, something
astonishing occurred. Galia wrote out answers to all the questions
that 1 had prepared on the sheet. Her answers were in the same
order as the questions I had written. She pointed at the letters on
the alphabet board and wrote: "Ima, I am the soul of your grand-
mother, Simcha, who died. Heaven sent me to this world to rec-
tify a sin in child rearing. You have zechus avos (ancestral merit)
and Heaven has sent me to get you to do teshuva."

I was overtaken by shock. I cried. I trembled. The emotion
brought on dizziness. I almost fainted.

From the first moment, I knew that Galia's messages were
authentic. From that very beginning, it was clear to me that it
was Galia who was spelling all this out and not the facilitator.
There was no chance that the facilitator knew my grandmother,

Simcha, who died before I was born. There was no chance that
the facilitator knew the questions I had prepared or the exact se-
quence in which they were written. Even my two sons did not
know the name of my grandmother, Simcha.

I asked Galia, "Do people have to come back to this world for
a sin which seems so insignificant to me, a sin in the way you
bring up your children?"

Galia answered, "It's not easy for tzadikim"

"You're a tzadekes?" I asked naively.

Galia wrote: "I'm a tzadekes."

I asked, "What can I do for you? How can I help you?"

Galia answered, "Physically, you can't help me at all.
But spiritually, you can do a lot. Your doing
teshuva helps me. You are my tikun (bringing rectification to my soul)."

The Revolution of My Life
I started to do teshuva with dizzying speed. In less than a
month, I had covered my hair and was regularly attending class-
es in a Torah seminary. Hashem helped me to do teshuva quickly.
Praise and thanks to the Creator of the World for the zechus (merit)
which was given to me, and for Galia, whom He sent to me in
His goodness, to get me to do teshuva and to reveal the word of
the living G-d, the truth and the light.

Communicating with Galia changed my whole life. It turned
me into a calm and happy person. It helped Galia to be a more
serene child, and after we began communicating via FC, Galia
stopped her continuous crying.

My whole approach to Galia also changed. Until then, I had thought that Galia did not understand anything and that it made no difference to her whether she spent her time in my home or the care center. Until then, it was enough for me to visit her in the care center. Once we started communicating, I made a point of taking Galia home every Shabbos and for each holiday. My relationship with her deepened along with the deepening of our communication.

Our love for each other grew and has since become so strong that today I am often overcome with deep yearnings to rush and see Galia.

All this was not the case before we were able to communicate. FC changed our entire relationship for the better.

/ Want To Go Home!
The first time I took Galia home was after she had been in the
care center for many years. I took her home because of one of
our early communication sessions.

One day the facilitator asked Galia: "Do you want to say something to your Ima?"

Galia pointed at the spelling board and wrote, "Tell her to take me with her. It's really hard for me without Ima. I want to go home with her."

That day, I took her home for a visit, and since that time I take
her home regularly. We pass the time together in happiness and
joy. How amazing to be with my great, wonderful daughter, my
Galia, who reveals messages from Heaven to me.

Within a few months of our first communication session, I
learned, with the help of a facilitator, how to communicate with
Galia on my own. This gave me fantastic happiness.

I am reminded of the reaction of Professor Schawlow, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics, who was one of the discoverers of FC with his autistic son, Artie. When he was asked what the happiest moment of his life was, he replied, "The happiest moment of my life was the moment when I succeeded in communicating with my son, Artie  greater than the moment of receiving the Nobel Prize."

I felt that I had received far more than the Nobel Prize, I
had discovered my daughter.

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