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At the top of the page, I wrote down:
"Galia, I love you."
It was imperative for me to tell her that I loved her.

The day of the session arrived. The facilitator showed up with
a spelling board containing the letters of the alphabet. She put
the board on the table in front of Galia, took Galia's hand in hers,
clutching all her fingers with the exception of her index finger
and asked Galia, "Do you want to write?" Immediately Galia
started to push her hand and point at the letters, one after the
other. First she spelled out: "Y-E-S!" and then immediately after
that she spelled out: "I- M- A,  I- L-O-V-E -Y-O-U."

I burst into tears.



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Back cover, publisher information, letter to Galia, and Prayer,
Facilitated Communication - introductory background
My background and the early years
My discovery of Facilitated Communication
The very beginning of  Facilitated Communication with Galia
cont. the beginning FC communications with Galia
a sample from the communications with Galia


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