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Back cover, publisher information, letter to Galia, and Prayer,
Facilitated Communication - introductory background
My background and the early years
My discovery of Facilitated Communication
The very beginning of  Facilitated Communication with Galia
cont. the beginning FC communications with Galia
a sample from the communications with Galia
(Some Hebrew words which might not be understood, are translated on this site. They are placed in parentheses. The book has a glossary at the end of the book.)


by Shulamis Gad

The moving story of a special child
and her mother who communicate via
Facilitated Communication


"Ima, I love you!

Galia is a severely brain-damaged Israeli girl. Her mother, a non-observant,
divorced woman with the arduous challenge of caring for Galia on her own,
learns about Facilitated Communication, a new technique for reaching out to the
mentally disabled. When Galia is introduced to the method, the floodgates of love
burst open, with Galia communicating almost non-stop. Central to Galia's messages
are earth-shattering, mind-boggling secrets that amaze all who hear them.

The story of Galia's reunion with her mother will touch your heart, but her
every revelation will touch your soul.

Shulamit Gad is a senior special education teacher, who works with the Israeli
Ministry of Education. She received her B.A. in Education and Criminology at Bar llan
University, and studied toward an MA in Education at Hebrew University.

Mrs. Gad, who was once, by her own admission, completely irreligious and non-observant,
is today a Torah-observant Jew, grateful to Hakadosh Baruch Hu - and Galia - for leading her
to the Truth.

Galia's Ima is the mother of three children, two sons and Galia. She now spends most
of her time, energy, and effort caring for her daughter and spreading Galia's story and mes-
sage to Jews around the world.


© 2003 by Shulamit Gad
ISBN 1-931681-41-4

All rights reserved.

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Israel Book Shop
501 Prospect Street
Lakewood, NJ. 08701
Tel: 732-901-3009 / Fax: 732-901-4012
Email: [email protected]
Translation from Hebrew: Daniel Makover, (Israel) 03-579 0820

This work is a translation and compilation
of three books about Galia that were published in Hebrew:
Galia  Messages From Heaven, 437 pages,
Goodbye to Galia? (includes Messages From Heaven II), 343

Galia  Messages from Heaven, 435 pages (includes the first
two, with additional new messages



by Shulamis Gad


My dear beloved Galia,

When I asked you what present you wanted for your twelfth birth-
day, your Bas Mitzva, you told me, "My dear, beloved Ima, the biggest
happiness for me is that I am with you. And the book you are writing
about me  that is the most wonderful gift you can give me. So hurry
up with it, so you can give it to me on time."

You are so special and so unlike others that even the present you
want is original. And as you requested, with the help of Heaven, I now
present you with the book about you, Baruch Hashem .

The book is dedicated to you, Galia, my beloved, precious daughter,
on the occasion of your twelfth birthday, your Bas Mitzva.

My little Galia, the joy of my life, the happiness of my life, you are the
wonderful present which Hashem sent me as part of the kindness He
does in this, our world. You succeeded in bringing the spring into my life,
the anemones, the chrysanthemums ... the shefa of light.

You are my beautiful, beloved princess. Always smiling. Always pleas-
ant, genteel, easygoing, and considerate. You never complain. When
you were born, I thought you were one of the 36 hidden tzadikim
(righteous people who sustain the world).

My dear beloved Galia, through unlimited sacrifice, stubbornness, re-
sourcefulness, and great love, you got your mother to do teshuva
(return to Torah Judaism)
and helped her to write a book about you. Galia, thank you so much.

You taught me that "the blessing of a mother has the power to
change the fate of her daughter." You said that if a mother is a woman
who walks on the path of Hashem  it really helps her children and is
the source of all her blessings.

My blessing for you Galia, the only one I love, is that HaKadosh
Baruch Hu
bless you with all the best in life and shefa. May He give
you joy, happiness, and health until you die at age 120, in serenity and
contentment. May your suffering and torment come to an end. May
you have the zechus (merit) to see Mashiach quickly, in our days, together
with the whole Jewish people, Amen! May you become a regular, nor-
mal child, like everyone, able to talk and walk. That will be the fulfill-
ment of my dreams.

Yours in endless love, forever,


A personal prayer:

Hashem, may it be your will: that You give me, my children
and family and Your people, the Jewish nation, the zechus (merit)
to return to Hashem with our entire hearts quickly; to fulfill Your
mitzvos (commandments)
and study Torah with genuine motivation, for Your sake;
and may all of our actions be for the sake of Heaven. Grant us a
good income, enabling us to live in conditions of comfort. Give
us healthy minds and healthy bodies. Save us from all distress,
pain, the yetzer hora (negative force within every person, ego),
and forbidden thoughts. Give all of us happiness, serenity, peace,
relief and success in all that we do and make all of our desires come
true, if they are for our true benefit. Amen! May this be Your will!

Shulamit Gad
Cholon, Israel

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